How To Poach Eggs In Maple Syrup (And Why You Should)

Maybe you've recently discovered the simple tool needed for richer poached eggs (aka a mesh strainer) or learned how to make Turkish-style poached eggs at home, but have you ever tried poaching an egg in maple syrup? This sweet and savory combination is both simple and sophisticated, offering a first bite that is simultaneously nostalgic and new. With just three ingredients, you're only a few minutes away from the kind of breakfast meal that is crave-worthy at any time of the day! Think McGriddle — but fancy.

To make a single serving, you'll need a half cup of maple syrup, an egg, and salt. Bring the syrup briefly to a boil in a small pan, then reduce the heat to low. Crack the egg into the simmering syrup and poach for three minutes, using a spoon to drizzle syrup over the egg during this time to help it cook evenly. Once cooked, use a slotted spoon to carefully transfer the egg to a plate, pour any remaining syrup onto the egg from the pan, then sprinkle with salt.

Tips for trying this sweet poaching technique

Because this recipe calls for only a few ingredients, the quality of those ingredients is important. If possible, invest in a good bottle of 100% pure maple syrup for a rich, complex flavor.

When it comes to the technique, the trick to poaching an egg in maple syrup is to give it your full attention during the cooking process. When the syrup begins to boil, it will have exceeded the boiling point of water, which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so you need to be careful to avoid getting burned. Hot syrup is dangerous. If you're not watching closely, the syrup may begin to foam and spill over the top of the pan, creating a sticky mess on your stovetop. You'll want to reduce the syrup to a simmer as soon as it begins boiling; otherwise, it will harden into maple candy – which is delicious, but you'll need a liquid to poach your egg in! Afterward, place your cooking equipment in hot soapy water to soak for easy clean up.

What to pair with your maple syrup poached eggs

Lean into the classic morning-time flavors of your maple poached eggs and prepare the breakfast beverage of your diner dreams to pair with your meal — think coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, or a mimosa. You'll definitely want to have some kind of bread on hand to soak up the maple syrup puddle beneath your egg. In this context, a toasted and buttered slice of a soft Pullman loaf is perfectly reminiscent of a plate of traditional French toast, but just about any baked good — from a bagel to a croissant — will do!

For a heartier meal and to counter the sweetness of the maple syrup with a little something umami, add a side of bacon or sausage — or, for a vegan option, roasted mushrooms. If you're feeling adventurous and want some heat, try topping the poached egg itself with some spices, such as cinnamon, cracked black pepper, or even red pepper flakes.