Whole roasted fish is the easiest impressive centerpiece for a dinner party since that take-out you said you cooked.

Cooking fish in general is daunting for many, but the thought of roasting and serving a whole fish can seem beyond the realm of possibility for the average home cook. In reality, roasting up a whole fish couldn’t be easier and makes for quite an impressive dinner presentation. Roasting fish with the bones in keeps it moist and succulent — plus there’s a bit of impressive culinary theater involved when it’s time to pull the filets off the bones and serve.

I like to serve the fish right on the parchment paper it was roasted on — simply lift the fish and paper off of the roasting tray, place it on a large, colorful platter and surround it with fresh herbs and lemon wedges. So easy, and the slightly browned parchment paper gives off a cool, laid-back dinner party vibe.

The light, lemony snapper pairs beautifully with Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc. The whole lemon slices gently flavor the fish during the roasting process, and the citrus notes in the wine really draw out that subtle lemon essence in a beautiful way. Serve it with a simple arugula salad and a bowl of roasted potatoes to really let the fish be the hero of the meal. This recipe easily scales up — just make one 2two-pound fish for every two people.

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