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Dig a spoon into this creamy, dreamy sausage-studded macaroni and cheese.

Chef John Whaite, of Great British Bake Off fame, has a collection of recipes out that highlights the simple, rather than the ornate. This latest cookbook, Perfect Plates, promises the home cook one very important thing: no recipe calls for more than five ingredients. Ideal for pantry cooking nights, beginners and anyone else who appreciates the beauty of a delicious, uncomplicated meal will love this book. This creamy taleggio mac and cheese is the classiest comfort food casserole we’ve ever witnessed. 

One of the world’s ultimate comfort foods, mac ’n cheese is gooey, rich, and fulfilling. Here I’ve used an Italianate pairing: the fennel-flecked salsiccia sausages, which are so bold in flavor, and the creamy, yet tangy Taleggio cheese. The real trickery in this dish, though, is that the traditional béchamel sauce is substituted with evaporated milk, making cozy indulgence an even quicker feat.

Variations: If you can’t get hold of the Italian sausage, go for a good quality sausage that contains fennel (fresh or seeds). If you can’t find Taleggio, use a strong Brie or Camembert instead.

Reprinted with permission from Perfect Plates