Chef Wes Rowe is the acclaimed burger cowboy behind the popular San Francisco Wes Burger pop-up and a master of fries, rings and especially tots. Gearing up for a tailgate? These shawarma-topped tater tots should do the trick. 

I’m definitely a tot guy. I like them better than fries because they’re delicious and more versatile to cook with — there is no reason to mess with the original store-bought version. They’re near perfect and so easy to work with. Also tots don’t get soggy as fast as fries so I can have a lot of fun with the toppings. I love the ratio of crunchy exterior to soft interior. At WesBurger I like to play with tots as a vehicle for an array of inventive toppings. I think it really takes the idea of a poutine or “totchos” to the next level. This dish combines my love of shawarma and my love of tots — making this recipe is the best of both worlds.

The key to this dish, outside of the tots, is the shawarma. Start by making your shawarma spice rub. Keep some of this on hand and use it to spice up any protein you’re cooking with in a pinch.