Sometimes people are like, “Hey, why do all your recipes have meat in them?” or “Why does everything you make have carbs in it?” or “Do you have to use so much butter?” or “Is there a vegan way to do this?” I have answers to all of these questions: not true, carbs are delicious, yes, no.

Luckily, my Super Greens and Cheese Casserole addresses some of those points up there. There’s no meat, carbs or butter in this recipe and there are a TON of healthy leafy greens. However, there is a shit ton of cheese, so vegans, you can excuse yourselves now (sorry, I don’t dislike you, I just dislike your food). The point of this recipe is so you can feel healthy (or at least pretend to) while still eating a boatload of cheese. And it looks good on a table with nothing more than a roast chicken or even a fried egg and slice of crusty bread. So, win-win-win.