I've been a regular at NYC's dedicated gourmet macaroni and cheesery, S'MAC, since it opened. They have some of the very best mac and cheese in the whole city. Glutard? Vegan? Watching your calories? Go to S'MAC, they'll take care of you. Even with the menu memorized, I stand there mulling over the possibilities and customizations, wondering if Buffalo sauce will ruin Manchego cheese or if maybe that's a very, very good idea. Naturally, when Macaroni and Cheese Week came around, I pulled my favorite recipe from my favorite spot. 

I won't lie, I walked due east from FR Headquarters to S'MAC, sat down with a Blue Point Toasted Lager and a beautiful bubbly skillet of my beloved Napoletana, hit it with a little Tabasco and ate the whole thing before I remembered I was supposed to take a photo for this recipe. So what do you do? I went back the next day and, as punishment, got not one or two but three take-n-bakes, one of which stars in this porntastic Instagram video. —Jess Kapadia, Senior Editor