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Switch up your bloody Mary and beer game at the same time with Lucky Rice's Vietnamese michelada.

Lucky Rice, the New York–based festival series, shines a spotlight on Asian culinary culture. Think night markets, hawker centers and all things street food. Festival founder and newly minted cookbook author Danielle Chang rounded up the best of the best in this cookbook named for the festival, a must-read for every fan of noodles, fiery chilies, deep-fried things on sticks, all manner of squid and, of course, rice. Try this extra-spicy, tangy Vietnamese-inspired michelada on for size. 

The michelada, a traditional Mexican beer refresher spiced with hot sauce, salt, lime, and Worcestershire and served icy cold, is something I want to drink all day long in the summer. Beer is a natural complement to many Asian foods, and this beer punch carries flavors reminiscent of Southeast Asia’s spicy, savory foods. It’s surprising how similar Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines are, with their fill of limes, chilies, and umami flavors.

Reprinted with permission from Lucky Rice