Photo: Jane Baudouin
Boiled peanuts add crunch and extra richness to this cross between créme brûlée and tapioca pudding. (Photo: Jane Baudouin.)

Harold Marmulstein is executive chef and partner at American gastropub Salty Sow, with locations in Austin and Phoenix. This dessert, served at a recent James Beard dinner, is exactly how you want to end a spectacular meal. 

The dish was inspired by my childhood. It’s a rotating special at the restaurant, and it’s always a hit! Our family friend in Georgia used to always make tapioca pudding, and I loved it. It’s not a dish that people typically expect, but I enjoy putting new twists on old dishes. I purposely made this dish easy for the home chef, so that everyone can enjoy it, be it in our restaurant or in their own home. The hardest part of the dish would be finding the boiled peanuts, but you can usually find them in Asian markets.