Chef Kevin McAllister of The Robey in Chicago has a killer pastrami duck breast that will blow your mind. Face it: you don’t make duck often enough, and if we find ourselves in meat ruts more than we’re willing to admit, chances are you’re in the same boat. Pick up a few duck breasts and prepare to create a dish worthy of your extra-discerning guests. 

My initial inspiration for this dish stemmed from a desire to create a recipe that was a playful interpretation of corned beef and pastrami — two of my favorite dishes. I decided on duck because of its unique flavor and texture.

Using Magret duck breast from Moulard duck is key to have the right texture. Once I had the duck pastrami down, I found myself back at a corned beef sandwich, thinking about which elements we could use for side dishes. I developed the caraway cabbage slaw, and the additions of pommes puree, pickled mustard seeds and pumpernickel crisps. This dynamic plate perfectly blends the flavors of pastrami and a corned beef sandwich for a flavorful bite unlike anything you’ve tasted before.