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Make this bright-red jam packed with colorful seasonal fruits. It's just waiting to be spread on anything that needs sweetening up! (Photo: Richard Beaven)

The Do Book Company publishes a series of titles meant to motivate people to try new things. The latest, Do Preserve, instructs on how to make jams, chutneys, pickles and cordials. Coauthor Mimi Beaven features preserved products, along with the spoils of her picturesque Little Ghent Farm in upstate New York (think chickens, pork sausage, eggs and fresh-baked breads), and here shares her knowledge in the form of a recipe that’ll make a perfect addition to your cheese plate or spread of homemade Indian food. 

Sometimes you have small amounts of several fruits; sometimes you just don’t want a one-fruit jam. This jam is worth making whatever the reason. It’s a jewel of a jam, sparkling red like Dorothy’s slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

Keeps for one year unopened. Once opened, refrigerate and use within three months.

Note: You can use any combination or ratio of red fruits. Swap sour for sweet cherries, or use raspberries, cranberries or pink gooseberries. You need to think about how sweet, or not, the combination is going to be and adjust the sugar accordingly.

Reprinted with permission from Do Preserve