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BBQ carrots with ranch may not be straight out of the pitmaster's handbook, but they'll hit the spot.

Just because Lucky Peach magazine is famous for meat-laden recipes like porky ramen, fried chicken and piles of shellfish doesn’t mean they can’t publish an awesome vegetable-based cookbook. This fresh, fiber-rich, plant-based collection of “Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables With Guts” is so good you’ll forget you were ever craving that lap cheong or roast duck. Okay, maybe you won’t forget, but you’ll certainly be able to table it in favor of Lucky Peach’s BBQ carrots with ranch. They’re on the table in half an hour, flat. 

Marc Vetri is one of America’s most masterful masters of authentic Italian cuisine. But here, he shows off his ability to put the CLASS in TRASH instead. Okay, admittedly, he makes his own barbecue sauce and I’m telling you to buy KC Masterpiece (or another similar/preferred bottled sauce) because I’m pro-ease.

Why not buy the ranch too? you might be asking. Because Vetri’s ranch is a wonderful extra-ranchy ranch that’s worth the effort. Of course, if you don’t listen to me on that point and sneak off into the Hidden Valley, I’ll probably never know unless I’m hiding in your house somewhere observing every tiny creepy little detail of your life and keeping careful note of how often you trim your toenails. But the payoff isn’t about class or toenails or Italia; it’s about the versatility of carrots and the pleasure of a dish that reconfigures the experience of eating carrots dipped in ranch at a backyard cookout into a fun-to-eat side dish. Squiggle the ranch over the carrots if it appeals; we opted to put it in a dipping bowl here.

Reprinted with permission from Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!