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Ladies and gentlemen: the day-old croissant's spectacular second act!

New York City restaurant Txikito, run by chefs Alexandra Raij and Eder Montero, is an ode to the phenomenal food of Spain’s famed Basque region. Whip up a few of their specialties at home with the help of The Basque Book, and you’ll never throw a party without pintxos again!

One person’s lifeless, dry croissant is a Basque café’s beyond-delicious invention. I saw my first croissant a la plantxa in Bilbao when my now prima politica (Basque cousin-in-law) Idoia ordered one with her coffee at a posh café near her office. I still remember how completely floored I was when it arrived at our table in its golden gorgeousness, and I can even recall the thoughts that raced through my reeling brain: What? A buttery pastry refried in butter and dusted with sugar? You’re going to eat it with a knife and fork like it’s a pork chop? This is a snack? Oh my God, this is the most over-the-top midafternoon snack I have ever seen!

Breakfast for dessert, dessert for breakfast, and unapologetic midafternoon snack—the croissant a la plantxa fits all of these roles perfectly. And incidentally, it will also make you look absolutely brilliant in front of your friends and children.

Reprinted with permission from The Basque Book