If you don’t know what onion kulcha is, you’re missing out, and it would be my pleasure to introduce you: Kulcha is a type of Indian/Pakistani flatbread, and the onion version is rolled out with chopped onions stuffed in the middle. They’re usually cooked in a clay oven until golden brown. They’re a little crispy, a lotta chewy and packed with delicious sweet and slightly charred onion flavor. You can eat them with curry or just slathered in butter/ghee, but bottom line is they’re delicious.


Recently, I was craving some onion kulcha, but also had just an insane amount of cheese from a kitchen project I had been working on, so I picked up a pile of kulchas with some tamarind chutney, brought them home, melted some mozzarella on top, and had what at the time felt like the meal of a lifetime. My taste buds told my brain, “These things should go together more often.” And thus, the Indian Pizza was born.

Now, I’m lucky enough to live in an area of Manhattan where I can get kulchas and tamarind chutney on demand during normal business hours. You, however, might not be so lucky. So we’re making our own kulchas and tamarind chutney for our pizzas. Like any bread-making, making kulchas takes a little bit of time and work, but when you get it right, the end result is totally worth it.