(Photo: Kris Lindenmuth)
Regular gravy will overwhelm your sandwich. Thin it out into “turkey jus” the respectable way, and dip on! (Photo: Kris Lindenmuth.)

Once you’re down to the last of the gravy from your holiday feast, you have a decision to make: keep doing what you were doing, making progressively less appealing plates of leftovers, or convert it into French onion turkey gravy “jus” for an authentic turkey dip experience.

Couldn’t you just dip your sandwich in the gravy? You could — after all, you do want it to cling, but not too much. Really, absorption more than clinginess is the viscosity you’re going for. Clinginess indicates a fat level that will make you feel full before you’ve finished your sandwich. If it thickly coats the back of a spoon, keep adding turkey stock by the quarter-cup until it doesn’t. It’s a fine balance, and one we aim to achieve. Whip up a quick caramelized onion–infused turkey broth and whisk it into the leftover gravy for a dipping jus that absolutely beckons to your thoughtfully constructed sandwich.