Grill your salad, pickle your veggies and make your own dressing. You own that first course. (Photo: Paul Harrison.)

When I picked up my second CSA of the summer and saw that there were 4 heads of lettuce included, I knew I was in for a lot of salad. But I also knew I didn’t have to have the same boring salads you see everywhere. Since two of the heads were frisee, I made classic frisee salads for my girlfriend and myself (a favorite of hers: frisee with crispy lardons, a poached egg, and a nice tart vinaigrette). But for the other two heads (one green leaf and one red leaf), I decided to incorporate one of my favorite summer pastimes: grilling. That’s right, you’re going to grill the lettuce. Sounds crazy, maybe, but it’s not. It’s just delicious. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying this salad is.

I added some pickled vegetables (feel free to substitute, depending on what you’ve got), and finished it off with an amazing buttermilk-herb dressing. You’ll have enough dressing left over to keep dunking the vegetables you didn’t pickle.