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Not only are these bison burgers better for you, they're also something different from your everyday fare.

Feel like a pick-me-up? For your general disposition, that is. Chef and wellness expert Rebecca Katz, along with writer Mat Edelson, penned The Healthy Mind Cookbook. It’s full of recipes for dishes that are packed with flavor and extra nutrition where you need it most, and best of all, they look stunning on the plate, like this healthy burger overflowing with beautiful mushrooms.

I know it says bison here, but that lean meat (bison = buffalo) is really just a great excuse to hold a mushroom-a-palooza while getting a load of brain-boosting B12. First, we mix the bison with chopped cremini mushrooms. Then a few crispy shiitakes that have been tossed with smoked paprika and olive oil go on top. In between? Caramelized onions (mmmmmmm). Put it all on a lily pad of butter lettuce and it tastes like a tower of umami! The mushrooms also provide a bit of hard-to-find vitamin D, which University of Kentucky researchers say plays an important role in reducing oxidative damage in the brain that impacts learning.

Reprinted with permission from The Healthy Mind Cookbook