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Reserve those ham hocks, roast and simmer for the porkiest pork stock you've ever had!

The founders of the Bare Bones Broth Company not only know how to name a broth company like nobody’s business; they brew up a pot of hearty goodness that will cure what ails you and just launched a cookbook. This simple clear soup has never been trendier, and despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t have to involve bones. Don’t throw away that ham hock, incidentally. 

Not many would consider making a broth from a ham hock, and yet it is both delicious and an abundant source of marrow. You can buy ham hock bones from your butcher, who has cut away virtually all the ham-on-the-bone, and who will usually discard the bone altogether. Most butchers will just give you these. If you have ever cooked osso buco, with veal bones, you know how tasty the marrow is from these bones, and the ham hock broth is similar. I have been known to smear the marrow straight onto the best spelt or rye toast and eat it with simply a splash of lemon juice – delicious brain food, which you won’t be able to buy in the store!


Reprinted with permission from The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook