If you're going to make party food, make sure you cram a lot of party in there. That's why we're armed with Chopped champion, chef Eric LeVine's new book, Small Bites Big Flavor, for the entertaining season ahead. It's full of innovative things on sticks, small plates and other reasons to justify another cocktail or two. Sure, you can put out a fruit and cheese plate. Or you could combine the fruit and cheese into a dish that's every bit as good-looking.

The combination of fruit and cheese has always been a staple in every traditional kitchen. By adding the citrus zest to this dish you have taken a step into the culinary wow zone. This is a spread that has complex flavors, fruit undertones and a hint of earthiness from the walnuts. Sit back and enjoy this spread and transport your palate to a happy place.

Reprinted with permission from Small Bites Big Flavor