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These beautiful, crunchy treats are a labor of love that's worth the extra steps!

Chef Nathan Outlaw has a new collection of seafood recipes out, with a focus on budget and nature-friendly dishes the home cook will love making over and over again. From fresh salads and simple fish fillets to more complex entrées requiring a bit of technique, like these crab scotch quail eggs, there are tons of delicious things in Everyday Seafood for you.

Okay, so these little nibbles are not real Scotch eggs, but they are just as tasty in my opinion, and they work so well with the peppery watercress mayonnaise. If the idea of crab doesn’t float your boat, we do a fabulous smoked fish version too—just replace the crab with smoked haddock and proceed in the same way.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Seafood