If there’s one person creating the dessert that will drive your Instagram followers wild, it’s Linda Lomelino. The Call Me Cupcake blogger, who also has books for cake, ice cream and miscellaneous sweetness of all kinds, is truly a pie master. Try a few of her favorites in your kitchen, like this cinnamon roll pie crust that’s apples’ new best friend. 

This apple pie is absolutely wonderful for anyone who loves cinnamon buns. And apple pie. And dulce de leche. This pie is a little more time-consuming to make than the other pies in this book, but I think it is totally worth the effort. If you want to bake the pie without the cinnamon rolls on the top crust, just roll out the dough as is. In that case, add an extra teaspoon of cinnamon to the filling.

Reprinted with permission from Lomelino’s Pies