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Photo: John Lee
The only way to eat French toast on the go.

This recipe for French toast from Top Chef’s Richard Blais uses buttery brioche for an extra-rich brunch experience. Use long cinnamon sticks to skewer them and infuse with extra cinnamon flavor. Following the food on a stick theory, these are better than any kind of regular French toast we can think of.

I made this French toast for a very sophisticated audience when I did a cooking segment on the PBS Sprout kids’ program The Sunny Side Up Show, where I appeared with the resident star, a squawking chicken puppet named Chica. The recipe is standard egg-dipped French toast, but I cut slices of day-old brioche into long rectangles and use cinnamon sticks to skewer them, so the overall effect is of French-toast-on-a-stick.

Reprinted with permission from Try This At Home