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A chocolate-covered banana you can slurp through a straw! Cool!

Cook and blogger Philia “Phi” Kelnhofer keeps it simple with five-ingredient meals, desserts and snacks in her new collection of recipes. Shorten your shopping list and get food on the table faster — ready, set, go!

Have you ever had a chocolate-covered banana frozen treat? This smoothie tastes like that, but better, and is a totally delicious breakfast smoothie. Little chunks of the fudgy ganache flow through the straw when you’re drinking this smoothie and you get to scrape the glass clean. I could have this smoothie for breakfast or for a dessert treat, it’s so good.

Note: The night before making this recipe, freeze the bananas. Peel, cut into 1-inch pieces, wrap in plastic wrap or place in a little resealable plastic bag, and freeze overnight.

Reprinted with permission from Fast and Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes