I love Hawaiian food – from big-eye tuna to loco-moco, a seriously rib-sticking breakfast dish of rice topped with hamburger patties, onions and fried eggs. Here’s my simpler, more refined version that works beautifully for lunch or a homey supper. Kids dig right in, and so do adults. You can of course have loco-moco for breakfast – in which case I advise major post-meal surfing.

Most people like their burgers on the rare side, but for this dish, rare or well-done work equally well. For tender burgers, form the patties as lightly as possible. Then, to ensure even cooking, make an indentation with your thumb halfway into the center of each. To avoid contamination from cutlery, crack the eggs against the side of a work surface, or against one another. The method for making the eggs – pouring all the eggs from a bowl into the hot pan and, when cooked, separating them with a spatula – is good to know when preparing fried eggs for a crowd.