Chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern loaned us his go-to holiday duck recipe, inspired by the eastern European restaurants in the New York neighborhood where he grew up. Procure some high-quality caraway seeds — the same seeds that give rye bread their zingy earthiness — and get cracklin’. It’s roast duck with caraway time!

“In the 1960s and 70s there were dozens of eastern European and Czech restaurants on NYC’s Upper East Side over on 2nd, 1st and York Avenues. That old neighborhood of Yorkville was near our home on East 71st street and my dad and I would walk over to our favorite Czech restaurant where we would always order the Bohemian-style duck with caraway. Paired with braised red cabbage and a side of potato dumplings, it was a thing of beauty and that memory and that dish in particular motivated me to create this recipe…one that has become a favorite of mine over the years.”