Joe Caterini
Managing Director & Partner, Zero Point Zero

Joe is the Emmy-winning Executive Producer of The Mind of a Chef and MeatEater, and leads ZPZ’s corporate development and its digital brands and businesses, including all publishing, digital video, and sales and marketing. Prior, as a sound designer and owner of Caterini Studios, he worked extensively in New York’s independent and documentary film community, supervising and mixing Academy Award-winning Bowling
 for Columbine, the Sundance-winning films The Woodsman and Why We Fight, and hundreds of hours of documentary TV shows.  He served as Executive Vice President of the film and TV post services provider PostWorks after it acquired Caterini Studios, and helped grow the company to become the country’s largest post services provider outside of Los Angeles.


Richard Martin
Vice President of Editorial, Zero Point Zero

RM1Richard serves in dual roles as VP of Editorial for ZPZ and Editorial Director of Food Republic, which he launched in 2011. He has overseen Food Republic’s growth to a site with millions of unique visitors and an impressive social media presence, and has helped create content strategies for brand partners including MasterCard, the Glenlivet, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Crescent Communities. He was previously editor-in-chief of Manhattan and Miami magazines. He is a founding editor of Complex, and as editor-in-chief launched, one of the most successful men’s online networks. He has contributed to The New York Times, LA Weekly, and The Village Voice and appeared on The Today Show, VH1, ESPN, and NPR. Twitter: @reeshardmartin

Rob Sheard
SVP Data and Product, Zero Point Zero

At Zero Point Zero, Rob is at the forefront in studying and re-thinking how consumers engage with brands and media. In an ever-evolving landscape where the consumer has endless choice, media companies must deeply understand the audience and create an experience they value and engage with on their terms. Prior to ZPZ, Rob spent 10 years launching the Australian premium kitchen brand Breville in the US and Canadian markets, overseeing the company’s strategy and execution for all marketing efforts including content, brand ideation, communication strategy, digital strategy, partnerships, public relations, media buying, creative campaign development, social media, video, product launches and brand positioning. Rob is a graduate of Ohio State University and an avid fan of their sports programs. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and three daughters.


Christine Haughney
Senior Investigations Reporter, Food Republic & ZPZ Features

Christine joined Food Republic and ZPZ Features in 2015 after spending eight years as a staff reporter at The New York Times. Before that, she worked at The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. During her newspaper career, she was the first reporter sent in to cover The World Trade Center attacks for The Washington Post and her reporting launched an internal investigation at the EPA over air quality issues at Ground Zero. She also sent two real-estate executives to prison for her reporting on their business practices. She has appeared on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and the BBC.

While covering real estate, transportation and media at The Times, Christine carved out time to write pieces about the royal wedding banquet in 2011, how Manhattan chefs cook in their small kitchens at home, the auction of a wine bottle believed to be from Hitler’s collection and the rise and decline of Modern Farmer. Her reporting on candy consumption during the 2008 recession was featured in “The New York Times Reader Business & Economics.”

Christine loves baking. She relies on her husband Thomas, a wine importer and far better cook than Christine, to make anything of nutritional value. They live in Manhattan with their son Henry. Twitter: @chaughney

Jess Kapadia
Senior Editor, Food Republic

Jess joined team Food Republic as Assistant Editor in May of 2011. A prolific cook, Jess righteously adopted the additional roles of recipes editor and test kitchen chef, focusing attention on creating and styling original recipes for Food Republic’s Test Kitchen photoshoots. Jess’ food background started before she could talk — her mom’s a chef and caterer specializing in Indian and fusion cuisine — and started collecting cookbooks right alongside Goosebumps and Babysitters Club. She used the stove without permission for the first time at age 8. Jess likes anything that can be described as a “sea oddity.” Sea urchin, monkfish liver, sea cucumber and the non-meat parts of lobster (green stuff, red stuff, stuff in the head) are all awesome, according to her. Want to know more? Follow Twitter: @iMadeAJess

George Embiricos
Contributing Editor, Food Republic

20626395_10210225154650242_7059691561665639818_oGeorge joined team Food Republic a week after graduating Vanderbilt University in May 2012, immediately securing the title of “Coolest Job” among his friends. As Associate Editor, he writes and edits stories about restaurants, chefs, cocktails, wine, travel and nightlife. The lifelong New Yorker vows that he can explain how each and every word in the English language actually originated in his ancestral country of Greece. A longtime food enthusiast, he currently takes it upon himself to spend Monday through Sunday of every week trying out New York City’s hottest restaurants, while telling anyone who will listen that he plans to soon move to Nashville (he’ll never actually do it). #hotchicken. Follow George on his Instagram page.

Danny Carnaje
Digital Content Manager, Zero Point Zero & Food Republic

Hailing from Long Beach, California, Danny loves the NBA, sneakers, rap, everything denim, and the occasional pun. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine he caught his big break at ZPZ Production, working on Emmy-winning TV shows such as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef. Figuring he needed food to survive, joining Food Republic was a no-brainer. Now he spends his time in Brooklyn shooting hoops and consuming tons of coffee and coconut water. His favorite eats are cinnamon buns, dry-aged steaks, and sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개). Follow Danny on Twitter: @dannycarnaje