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Marcus Lemonis meets with members of a family in their new kitchen in a behind-the-scenes shot from The Renovator.

Marcus Lemonis premieres his new HGTV show, The Renovator, Tuesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). This refreshing take on the home design show genre features the famed entrepreneur (and owner of Food Republic parent company Marcus Entertainment) renovating not only people’s homes, but their lives.

Tune in to see Lemonis blow out kitchen walls and choose custom cabinetry and countertops—plus plenty of islands so home cooks can hang out with friends and family while preparing meals—as he also helps people understand how their home can affect their family dynamic. Read the full release below to find out what you need to know about The Renovator.

Marcus Lemonis as The Renovator
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New York [September 15, 2022] Entrepreneur, designer and television personality Marcus Lemonis, who has made a career of fixing business chaos, will use his talents to improve families’ lives and homes in the new HGTV series, The Renovator. Premiering Tuesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the series will follow Marcus tackling the business of home. He identifies problems with their home, and through a series of honest conversations and activities framed by the design process, he will provide solutions for each family’s physical surroundings and personal trials that will lead to spectacular reveals. In the end, Marcus will get these houses in order – leaving families better connected and living in a beautifully renovated and functional home. 

“Renovation is just a portion of why I spend time with these families. The other reason is to help renovate the way they think so they can communicate better,” said Marcus. “Throughout the season, I met some amazing families who needed someone on their side to provide solutions that transform their homes into ideal spaces and help strengthen their relationships. I use my own life experiences and my passion for design to create a stronger foundation for their home and their family.”

The series premiere will follow Marcus to Orange Park, Florida, where he will help a family of six find solutions for their home’s disorganized spaces, as well as its outdated style and cramped floor plan. During the initial tour, Marcus will uncover the owners’ very different household priorities and set out to resolve their tension through thoughtful design. The three-bedroom house will be rearranged to better accommodate the kids, and the process will tear down both physical and emotional walls. A dramatic backyard makeover completes the improvements, as the small home gets turned into a neighborhood showpiece.

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The Renovator is produced by Marcus Entertainment and Glass Entertainment Group.