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Joshua Skenes, the chef behind the 3-starred Michelin restaurant Saison, is an experienced hunter. He's a guest on the newest episode of the MeatEater podcast. (Photo: Bonjwing Lee.)

Joshua Skenes is best known as the chef of Saison, where his “thoughtful and highly principled cooking,” has earned the San Francisco restaurant three Michelin stars, countless other accolades and an intensely loyal following. What’s less obvious about the chef is that he’s an avid outdoorsman, which is why Steven Rinella asked Skenes to be a guest on the latest episode of the MeatEater podcast. Listen in to the two-hour (!) chat below and hear Skenes and Rinella, whose MeatEater is part of FR parent Zero Point Zero, discuss everything from Saison’s intense nose-to-tail fish dishes to how Skenes hunts and fishes to the nuances of cooking beaver tail. Culinarians may appreciate the references to Escoffier, but non-hunters with a squeamish side may want to avoid listening altogether — or at least consider yourself forewarned!

The first-ever live edition of the MeatEater podcast featuring Steven Rinella and friends takes place Tuesday, August 15 at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman, MT. Limited tickets are still available. You can subscribe to the MeatEater podcast:  iTunes | Android | RSS.