Nothing says summer like heat waves and ripe tomatoes, and this week, we got both! Put those peak-season tomatoes in a salad or make a versatile compound butter using our step-by-step guide, fresh out of Charleston. If you’re out grilling, we have a fool-proof way to clean the grates that’s much safer than using a wire brush. We also found this summer’s hottest makeup trend, discussed why New York City is the best city in the country (hear us out), checked out Bali’s ample vegetarian scene and went to a bar that only serves wine on tap. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. What is tomato butter? The summer “everything sauce” that you absolutely need to know about.
  2. Put down the grill brush and clean with an onion instead. It could save your life.
  3. Here’s the quintessential recipe for a sourdough loaf. Starter recipe included.
  4. Bali is a shining star on a vegetarians’ map. This Indonesian island is where plant-based food flourishes.
  5. Corn muffins are the latest baked good to grace the baked-to-beer trend.
  6. You won’t find any bottles at this NYC wine bar.
  7. This Miami restaurant serves jelly rolls on a bike.
  8. Summer’s hottest new trend is super-colorful, drippy ice cream-inspired makeup.
  9. Break up with romaine and pack these eight summer salads up for lunch.
  10. This list named New York City America’s best city. Here’s how the restaurant scene and nightlife influenced this.