In the never-ending quest to bring you the latest and greatest food-related videos (see: Black Sabbath ramen guy), it’s come to our attention that a particularly odd trend is afoot. The gummy vs. real food challenge requires two people, and two versions of some kind of food: one real and one made of gummy candy. Participants flip a coin to decide who will eat which one. The entertainment value, which after watching about a dozen of these I can kind of understand, lies entirely in how far you take the challenge.

With the advent of limitless fast food-themed confections — you may have enjoyed a tiny slice of gummy pizza at some point thanks to Haribo, for example — the challenge seems pretty easy and hardly video-worthy. Special-order a 1-pound giant gummy pizzafull-scale gummy hot dog or gummy dill pickle, and jaws start to ache/things start to get interesting. Take the concept of the gummy worm seriously, and you’re cruising for YouTube gold (worms really aren’t that bad, just get ’em down with dignity, then start your night a little early).

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.00.29 AM
(Guava Juice/YouTube)

These videos are crazy popular, with some already viewed 20 million times or more in the few months since the trend took off. While they do tend to be on the longer side and fraught with unfortunate moments, there’s no turning back, until of course people decide the challenge has been broadcast enough times.

Check it out for yourself: