How To Make Soy Sauce, Asia's Seasoning

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Let's learn how to make soy sauce! Chances are, you know Food Republic's passion for food infographics very well. Our global hot dog graphic alone is worth its weight in...well, hot dogs. Author Laura Rowe compiled a whole book of creativity-stimulating illustrations to school you on a variety of topics. Freshen up your food knowledge with Taste, and impress your dining companions.

Condiment, seasoning, ingredient, dip, marinade and more – soy sauce is as ubiquitous in East Asian cookery as salt is in the Western world. Its recipe is thousands of years old and can come in a number of varieties — thick, thin, light or dark — but it's best known for its deeply savory, almost meaty flavor (despite being completely vegan). If made using traditional methods, it can take a year or more to ferment, but modern interpretations of this natural brew can be nailed in as little as three months. At its quickest (and most inferior — don't even bother buying it), it can be made in a few days using chemical hydrolysis, a process in which various acids, preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavorings are added.

Reprinted with permission from Taste: The Infographic Book of Food