An experiment at London’s Fat Duck found that oysters slurped while listening to sounds of the sea tasted brinier. (Art: Daniel DeGraaf.)

This week we tested things out and got tested as well. We read that sourdough bread is okay for those with gluten allergies to eat — senior editor Jess Kapadia tested that theory. We crowdsourced a chance to try out the newly opened Tim Ho Wan dim sum house in NYC via Facebook; associate editor George Embiricos took on that one. We also read up on a theory that sound can change the way we experience food and drink. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Some of the world’s top bartenders got real about sobriety in the industry.
  2. One of our editors crowdsourced a plus one to a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  3. Our gluten-free editor found out that she’s not allergic to sourdough bread.
  4. NYC chef Janine Booth tells us how to stay fit and eat fried chicken at the same time.
  5. Greg Baxtrom tells us about the time his mentor Grant Achatz dropped in.
  6. How will the commotion about Uber affect its meal-delivery service?
  7. Starbucks announced that the company will put effort into hiring refugees.
  8. Researchers have found that sound affects the way we taste food and drink.
  9. Combat a sad desk lunch with this colorful, simple Korean poke recipe.
  10. We rounded up our favorite vegetable-forward cookbooks.