Welcome to the FResh List! Every Friday morning, the dedicated staffers in FR’s New York City office compile a list of all the random things on their minds about the world of food and drink and beyond, as well as some names to know.

1. Augustine. Keith McNally has still got it.

2. Jehangir Mehta.

3. Yuba.

4. Tawny port.

5. Clementine zest.

6. Nina “Amalie” Kang.

7. Victory Brewing’s Winter Cheers.

8. The new reprint of Salvador Dalì’s Les Dîners de Gala.

9. Fried chicken in waffle cones.

10. The Landmark = the (old) Four Seasons.

11. Trump/Romney dining at Jean-Georges memes.

12. Clrvynt’s “Good Bands Tell Bad Jokes” video series.

13. Jim Delligatti.

14. Jess Adamiak.

15. Kellogg’s vs. Breitbart.

16. Nina Kraviz.

17. Meat in money.

18. Baltimore’s R. House Food Hall, opening December 8.

19. Eddie Huang x LA Weekly.

20. Next Ancient Rome.

21. Blue Bottle at Beverly Grove.

22. Sazeracs.