Mortier Pilon’s home fermentation crocks are the perfect tools to get your lactobacillus on! Whether you’re making your first batch of sauerkraut destined for game day hot dogs or custom cocktail onions for your signature Gibson, these picklin’ pods are where it’s at.


Each crock is made of food-grade plastic and glass and comes with a weight that helps keep your fermentables under the brine line, lest you inadvertently invite surface bacteria to the party. And just in case you somehow forget what’s brewing in each one (despite being mostly glass window), there’s a strip on the lid where you can write and erase the contents.

Check it out in action, and face the facts: You can totally do this.

Fermentation crocks, $35 for 2-liter, $59 for 5-liter, at Mortier Pilon