There Are Now Wine Condoms For Practicing Safe Sips

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Chances are that you know someone who drinks wine that was left open overnight. This person may not own a vacuum stopper, be a cork saver, or even have the wherewithal at the end of the night to wrap a little aluminum foil over the top of the bottle (and doesn't care what the result tastes like, frankly). Buy this person a vacuum stopper and they'll be like, "Oh, wow, thanks," then shove it in the back of a drawer and throw it away when they move. But gift them a pack of gold foil–wrapped Wine Condoms and watch the magic unroll.

At $10 for a pack of six, they're comparable to, uh...well, regular condoms. Unlike regular condoms, however, you can use each of these handy prophylactics twice. They're made from 100 percent rubber, so definitely don't turn to them in a pinch, but definitely DO keep all the air out of your wine using the watertight, airtight seal they create. They're also every bit as portable as their latex counterparts, so slip one in your wallet for those unexpected dalliances with unfinished Pinots, and you'll always be prepared.