POP ETC frontman Chris Chu is no stranger to the wild and wonderful world of food obsession. He’s penned culinary travel diaries for Food Republic and schooled us on how diligent a traveling band can be when it comes to Instagramming at mealtimes. No gas station junk food stock-ups for these hungry rockers.

For their song “Vice,” “we wanted to make a video that wasn’t about an obvious vice — drugs, alcohol, etc. — but still centering around some kind of addictive/obsessive behavior,” says Chu. “Food was the first thing that came to mind, as we’re all obsessed with food, and the amount of time we spend looking for and going to restaurants, as well as researching food-related stuff is definitely borderline unhealthy. In the video we wanted to capture that kind of nightmarish, weird, scary quality that any kind of obsessive behavior can lead to.”

The band’s brand-spankin’-new music video for “Vice” premieres right here on Food Republic, right now. It’s a tribute to cooking shows, exotic seafood, the mighty egg yolk and much more. So grab your fruit cleaver and taco costume and prepare to never stop pouring.