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There's a lot going on in that little cup. Then again, a lot of the things you may have heard about it are wrong.

Many people believe that espresso coffee must always be dark, highly caffeinated or labeled “espresso” on the bag. But these things are myths. In fact, espresso can be made from any kind of coffee bean at all (remember: Espresso is a brewing method, not a type of bean), though there are some that are better than others.

There are tons of myths and fairy tales that surround this most favored morning beverage, but the truth is that espresso is much simpler than it seems, according to our friends at ChefSteps. Take a look at these four common myths, along with quick videos that debunk them.

  1. Magical Crema

Crema: Don’t be deceived by its creamy, peanut-buttery sex appeal. While it’s an important — and beautiful — part of every espresso beverage, it’s actually not as magical as commonly thought. Or as delicious.

  1. The God Shot

In search of the perfect espresso shot? Sorry to be the ones to have to tell you this, but it doesn’t exist. Neither does Santa. It’s a cruel, cruel world, folks.

  1. Grind Freshness

Great news: You can grind your espresso and still have plenty of time to feed the dog before you pull the shot. Making espresso should be fun and relaxing, so let’s not overdo it, okay?

  1. Precision Tamping

Some people obsess over the exact amount of pressure that should be applied during tamping. We think some people just need to relax.

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