Noma chef René Redzepi and his team are bringing back the world’s most famous food conference. After taking a year off, the two-day MAD symposium is scheduled to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 28 and 29. There will also be a one-day pop-up event in Sydney, Australia, on April 3.

Redzepi’s crew writes in an email that they “spent the past 18 months thinking hard about what MAD is, and what we want it to be. We listened to lots of opinions and considered what needs to change in order for MAD to spark real action and fuel new initiatives in our industry.” Consistent with years past, the festival will have a theme: Tomorrow’s Kitchen. Via speakers and presentations, participants will seek to understand what kitchens will be like in the future and what they can do today to make that a reality.

There will also be notable differences in this year’s programming. While attendance will be — per usual — guaranteed through application only, organizers are hoping that this year’s crowd will play a vital role in collaborative and engaging discussions. Individuals can attend for free (regular cost is $445) if they propose and lead an approved breakout-discussion session. Redzepi and co. hope that these measures will result in attendees being more than simply audience members. He’s certainly got our attention — we’ll be brainstorming breakout-discussion ideas in the conference room all week before submitting an application.