30 Rock's John Lutz Thinks February Is A Good Time To Open An Ice Cream Truck

We all scream for ice cream...well, maybe not in February. It's too bad that the Cream Brothers, John Lutz and Tim Robinson, don't know this.

Robinson, a former cast member and current writer for Saturday Night Live, joins 30 Rock alum Lutz as his loud and dense brother and business partner in a three-part web series, The Cream Brothers, for the comedy site Above Average. According to AV Club, Lutz is the mastermind and wordsmith of the series. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from our own food truck expert, chef Ed Hardy.

The New York February weather freezes the hot fudge, Bobby Moynihan shows up as a freeloading employee, a rap is written and divorce papers are signed. Hilarity ensues.

Watch the whole video below: