Would You Eat A Wild-Game Dinner Featuring Roadkill?

We're all about trying new and weird things here at Food Republic. We'll eat everything from deer hearts to pig's head. But what about roadkill?

Hotel Vermont in Burlington will host a supper called Wild About Vermont on November 7 with the likes of deer, bear, moose, goose, fish, muskrat and other local critters as main courses, according to WPTZ.

All the game will be donated by hunters, fishermen and organizations such as Vermont Fish and Wildlife, which will supply three animals whose lives were ended prematurely on the road. Proceeds will benefit Lake Champlain International and Vermont Fish and Wildlife.

"You can choose what you want to eat," chef Doug Paine tells WPTZ. "We're not going to force anyone to eat muskrat if they don't feel like it, but it will be offered to everyone."

So instead of crying and wondering whether that deer you hit had a family, get your skillet ready. Or head over to Hotel Vermont for the $75 one-night-only dinner.