We’ve heard it over and over again: Entomophagy, also known as eating bugs, is good for you and the environment and is eventually going to take over the world. Some college kid ate them for a month, and even the United Nations isn’t bugged out by the diet.

Eating the little critters straight up to start out may be a little hard-core, though. To ease in, you can find them in granola bars, flour, burgers and tacos, among other foods. But if the thought of biting into these crunchy morsels is still too much for you to handle, you can now drink your insects. That’s right, drink them. And no, we’re not talking about a protein smoothie here.

Critter Bitters are exactly what they sound like. They’re bitters made from toasted crickets and designed to be a “gateway to eating insects,” according to the Kickstarter page that launched on Tuesday. The campaign goes on to highlight the science behind insects being a primary viable solution to the impending food shortage, as well as a brief history of spiking booze with bugs (it’s documented!).

Critter Bitters already produces two flavors: toasted cricket and pure cricket. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the former is made with toasted crickets and adds a sweet, nutty note to drinks, while the latter is technically a tincture made from a toasted cricket flavoring. Since crickets are so packed with protein, the bitters could also up the health value of your old-fashioned. Now there’s an idea that’s got us buzzing with excitement.