Wait, how'd they fit 70 of those little guys in there?
Wait, how’d they fit 70 of those little guys in there?

So you stumbled into the office this morning following one hell of a weekend, your hair slightly disheveled, with a Gatorade in hand and sunglasses on. There was no time to scarf down the greasiest thing you could find, or whatever food your country prefers to cure the hangover blues. Luckily for those in Japan, there’s a hot cure in a can backed by the Power of 70 Clams.

According to RocketNews24, Power of 70 Clams is an instant miso-soup brand found in Japan that has released a canned version for the first time. The product is advertised as a hangover cure with a cartoon figure holding up a glass of beer bigger than his head, just so you know that it’s the real deal. Clams are packed with an amino acid called ornithine, which “enhances liver function and helps to detoxify harmful substances.” For those who don’t want to resort to being hooked up to an IV to combat that dreadful morning-after feeling, this just may be your next best option.

RocketNews24 reports that the clammy cans are currently available in vending machines and will be in convenience stores starting October 26 for 121 yen (a little over $1). So the next time you’re in Japan, or are asking friends for souvenirs, why not opt for a can of Power of 70 Clams? You just might be thankful the next morning.