New "Bacon Pancakes" Remix, Now With Full Recipe!

Even Hugh Jackman gets the "Bacon Pancakes" song from Adventure Time stuck in his head from time to time. Parents: Tired of Frozen? Kids are never too young to enjoy the rollicking, feel-good family fun that is Cartoon Network's powerhouse animated series about a boy hero and his magic dog, and at least if they sing "Bacon Pancakes" over and over it'll put you in the mood for bacon and/or pancakes, as opposed to earplugs and/or running away from home (and this time, it's forever).

There are some exceptional remixes of this criminally catchy tune out there (don't miss Jimmy Wong's insane rendition), but this latest find, by Brooklyn musician Jonathan Mann, who's been writing a song a day for seven years, involves a full-on bacon pancake recipe, which, all apologies to Jimmy, does not involve killing and skinning a pig or accidentally burning down your mom's house. It does involve pouring a little bacon fat into the batter, however.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You don't actually need a bacon pancake recipe. Just do what the song says: Take some bacon and put it in a pancake. But while you have the tune stuck in your head, wouldn't it be nice to cook along?