Tyler Kord of No.7 in Brooklyn
Tyler Kord with a non-broccoli sub

Earlier today we ran a story detailing the relaunch of No. 7 Sub in New York’s Ace Hotel, the popular sandwich (and now grain bowl) shop run by chef-owner Tyler Kord. At the top of the story appears a vivid photo of one of Kord’s most-famous sammies: broccoli salad with cheddar cheese and BBQ-flavored chips. While we at Food Republic most certainly endorse Kord’s free-spirited use of the cruciferous vegetable, some on Twitter do not:

“We’ve never had that kind of push-back,” says Kord, slightly shocked, when we called for a comment. He admits that the sandwich has primarily served New Yorkers and perhaps is a bit more adventurous than some FR readers might expect from a sub shop.

And regarding the peas-mixed-in-with-guacamole controversy that has circled the globe over the past 24 hours, ping-ponging on the social web to the highest levels of government, Kord is firmly on Team Peas. “Anything Dan [Kluger] and JG [Jean-Georges Vongerichten] do together is OK with me,” says Kord, who worked at Vongerichten’s restaurant Perry Street before breaking out on his own. “Everything they put on the menu is gold.”