Instagram's Latest Upgrade Could Be Major For The Restaurant Industry


Instagram's latest upgrade could change the way we discover food and restaurants.

With a sleeker, more organized "Explore" page, users can now swipe through trending tags, as well as places and people that are updated in real time. Clicking on one of the "discover" pages leads you to a list of the most popular users or places, making it easier to find what everyone and their mother is talking about. The search feature has also been revamped, making it easier to search within locations, tags and users.

With this new feature, Instagram-favorite foods and restaurants — the Cronut and Sushi Nakazawa come to mind — can reach greater heights of popularity in a neat and organized manner. Put it this way: You can now see every single angle at which the Fuku spicy fried-chicken sandwich has ever been captured.

There aren't any food-related "discover" pages thus far, but we're sure there will be a page dedicated to latte art very soon.