There's Quinoa In My Cheerios. Is There Supposed To Be?

Ancient grains, eh? Do Ancient Grains Cheerios go home at night and make some kind of kale sauté with kamut noodles? Do Cheerios even know what kamut is!? Oh, it does. It's right there on the box.

In today's breakfast news, Cheerios is debuting a new variety with the ancient grains quinoa, kamut and spelt. The boxes hit the shelves in January 2015, which is right around the corner. According to the Wall Street Journal, a longtime advocate of truthful cereal news, the buzzworthy ingredients in this new Cheerios formula don't make the product healthier — it has five times more sugar for a tradeoff of one measly gram of fiber, or as they call it: "lightly sweetened."

Won't the quinoa seeds fall to the bottom? Nope, they're firmly glued to clusters with sugar. Will the new formula still be crushed to ancient grainy powder under your car seat as your kid throws them willy-nilly from his or her car seat? With an extra four grams of sugar per serving, you bet!

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