Cray! This Is How Fortune Cookies Are Made.

We've all experienced the wonder that is the fortune cookie. Sure, you've just polished off full plates of General Tso's Chicken and orange beef, but are yet somehow still able to take down that two-pointed sweet crisp made from flour, sugar, vanilla and sesame seed oil that comes with the check. Have you ever wondered just how exactly fortune cookies are created, though? How does that little paper – with its ever-vague prophecy – get baked inside? Yes, the fortune cookie is a staple of (Americanized) Chinese cuisine, but its origin and assembly are also somewhat of a mystery...until now.

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From Gizmodo's Sploid page comes this look – in GIF form – at how fortune cookies are put together (or, as the website so eloquently puts it, "how golden goop turns into fortune cookies.") Turns out that the fortune is placed on top of the baked batter while it's still hot and then folded into its usual shape with robot hands. So, in summation – goop, vague prophecies and robot hands. Just another day here at Food Republic. Be sure to watch the video below of the cookie's construction (forward ahead to around the 5-minute, 30-second mark).

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