A Photo Of A Box Of Asparagus Won A Major Photography Award. Go Asparagus!

Aspiring food photographers of the Instagram set take note: there's now a reason to keep your iPhone within reach at mealtime. The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS, natch) recently announced the 2014 winners of its seventh annual competion, with Food as one of its 17 categories. This year, Alexa Seidl of Washington D.C. was awarded first place for her shot-from-above, hyper-real photograph of bountiful asparagus, followed by Chien Nan Liao of Taiwan — who produced an almost painting-like depiction of peppers. Sweden's Sofija Strindlund shot roe-dappled oysters on a bed of ice for third place.

According to the folks at IPPAWARDS, photographers both professional and non-professional from over 70 countries participate in the competition, with "several thousand" having sumbitted their entries in the Food category. As a rule, all photos must have been taken with an iPhone or iPad, and any photo app can be used to capture the shot and/or edit. However, the use of desktop programs (including Photoshop) is forbidden.

Check out the winning images below and the rest of the honorable mentions on the competition's website. And start shooting. Entry submissions for next year's competition are already being accepted!

First Prize: © ALEXA SEIDL of Washington, DC[/caption]
Second Prize: © CHIEN NAN LIAO of Nantou City,Taiwan[/caption]
Third Prize: © SOFIJA STRINDLUND of Stockholm, Sweden[/caption]