One is an Los Angeles-based burger chain with a focus on savory flavors, a devoted cult following and the recipient of a “Burger of the Year” award from GQ Magazine. The other is an Los Angeles-based ice cream chain with an equally devoted following, known for innovative flavors like Brown Butter Candied Bacon and Fried Chicken & Waffles, and the recipient of a “Best Ice Cream in America” award from Yahoo! Now, get this: the two chains are coming together to form an exclusive partnership. We’re on board here.

News comes today that Umami Burger will begin pairing its handcrafted burgers with a rotating selection of ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus at all its California locations. While the two chains will eventually create new and exclusive flavors together, Umami Burger will start off by featuring six fan-favorites, including our personal preference: salted caramel ice cream with Snickerdoodle cookies. Here’s hoping that the newly opened first New York location of Umami will soon follow suit.

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