Move Over Chemex, There Is A New Slickly Designed Pourover Coffee Maker In Town

We were poking around Kickstarter this weekend and beside some killer hot artisanal hot sauce and a really interesting Weeger spice rub, we found a product that wants to rival Chemex in the competitive world of well-designed and highly functional pour-over coffee makers. Good luck! The Manual Coffeemaker No 1 is a free-standing home brewer that works very similarly to a Chemex, but with a slight design tweak that the makers hope will change the way you make your coffee. Generally, the draw of pourover coffee is the ability to control the many variables that goes into brewing the perfect cup of coffee, including the volume of beans, the amount of water and how the water is applied in the brewing process.

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Chicago-based designer/publisher Craighton Berman invented the Manual Coffeemaker (the MCM) to work like a Chemex, but with the added feature of a dome-like enclosure that Berman suggests will keep your coffee warm for later use. (Classic pourovers are typically a pour-then-drink affair.) The vessel is made from borosilicate glass and is intended to live on your countertop fulltime. Craighton Berman has created a Kickstarter that hopes to raise $100,000 by April 18. The prizing is straightforward enough (including different MCM sizes) and beans from Chicago microroaster Gaslight Coffee Roasters. Here is a video that explains everything.