All this week we’ve given chef Andrew Carmellini the keys to Food Republic. He’s our guest editor and he’s not holding back. There’s a video for the art of baguette baking at his New York City restaurant Lafayette and a guide to eating like a professional in France. And of course he laid it down with the 10 Commandments Of Being An NYC Chef. But just because it's Friday doesn't mean he's going out like a lamb. Here, Carmellini becomes the latest chef to sound about 10 things he hates:

  1. I am tired of out of town restaurant groups copying our ideas. I didn't invent ravioli so I lay no claim, but when friends send me pictures from the road of our EXACT SAME graphic design or original art blatantly ripped off I get sad.
  2. When young culinary school grads are forced to take slightly higher paying jobs that will not give them the skills they need to translate to more cash long-term over the span of their careers. I can't stress enough how much money this may cost them over a lifetime. Could be millions.
  3. Casting agents that drop their cards off at restaurant host stands looking for reality TV contestants. Stop trying to lure our professionals into a life of parody.
  4. I feel the over-fetishization of food in general is out of control. Personally, my pleasure in eating isn't so micro but more visceral and sensual.
  5. I hate that my whole life, since I have been working in kitchens, people judge you on your career choice. Even now, after 15 years of chefs being on TV and out of the kitchen, I still get a sense when speaking with certain people, once in while, that will insinuate something. I love what I do, I make a great living, we provide people some pleasure in their lives. 
  6. The need for people to pounce on new restaurant openings. There is this bait ball mentality when a new place opens where everyone swarms and then moves on. Sorry, but I blame the media. As an operator, our places always hit their stride one year in, so it sucks that your first plate is photographed 10 times and then that crowd is gone after 3 months.
  7. Bad work ethic in any form. This doesn't mean working 15 hours a day everyday. It means don't be lazy or fail to give a shit.
  8. How complicated it is to open a restaurant, especially in New York City. Not the fun stuff like creating and team building but EVERYTHING else.
  9. Anonymous hate on the internet. At least own your filthily opinions if you absolutely must put them out there.
  10. I really thought that the one good thing that could have come out of the last recession would be a new great musical movement. '70's gave us hip-hop. '91 gave us grunge. All 2008 gave us was escapism EDM. Don't get me wrong, I like to party, but it's pretty shallow.

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